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Originally from Yorkshire, Fraser Marr began photography at Goldsmith's College in London where he studied for a BA (Hons) in Photography, Fine Art & Art History.He then went on to do an MA in Photography and the History of Photography.

After leaving he joined Sotheby's the auction house and did photography for catalogues, marketing and press. He started as an assistant and left to be a freelance after some years photographing almost anything you could imagine.

Once he was freelance he continued to do art photography and also began working in other areas. Interiors, Architectural, Travel, Portraits, Still Life, Sport. A very diverse selection where nothing was excluded. Many commissions followed for magazines, books and also privately on commissions in USA, Europe and The Middle East.

He is now happy in England and takes on projects of all kinds. Especially Interiors and Architectural work. However, all possibilities are considered.

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